Friday, February 22, 2013

Paint Sample Egyptian Eldar

Knocked out 5 Apophis Warriors to completion and 1 Bastet.  I've got 3 bastets that need finished, waiting on the other box and some other heads for leader models and other characters.  These aren't award winning paint jobs, just quick and easy but still table ready. 

Here is one of each though.

 photo BastetandApophis.png

I've got fancy bases for them to go on, they'll get rebased when I am ready.  I'll take bigger unit pictures when I have the units completed.  I'll have 3 squads and one heavy weapons team out of the 2 Kabalite warrior boxes.  I have 3 Jet Bikes, 1 Falcon (that needs a lot of work to recover, it's missing a couple pieces and very heavily and poorly painted), 1 War Walker (missing it's gun stations though).  I need to pick up 2 more old war walkers and a dreadnought and perhaps one other tank.  I'd also like to get some aspect warriors, preferably Striking Scorpions and Warp Spiders.  As I am not that concerned with 40k rules, I am not worried about this army being legit.  If anyone has any of these that they'd like to part with drop me a line, to be fair not looking to drop a ton on them, and if they are metal and badly painted that doesn't bother me, as stripping metal is generally not too bad. 

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