Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chibi Crawl - Final Card Beta

Alright folks, we're in the home stretch for Chibi Crawl and I want to make sure everything appears to be in order.  I started a separate thread to help cut back on any lingering confusion from the development portion.  

The dungeon cards are new, the idea behind these is that you can optionally draw one at the beginning of the game, they'll have special rules that alter the game play in some way.  

Please review the game cards, look for any spelling or grammar errors, also keep your eyes peeled for oddities, if it doesn't make sense, let's fix it now.

Here is a current version of the rules.  I intend to keep the rules in beta until the cards are released and in your hands for a little while.  This is so that any minor balance tweaks can be done when I have a wider base of people playing.

Here is the card backer.  Thoughts?  If I need to tweak it, I want to do it now.  Reasonably I expect many people to sleeve your cards so you may not care too much, but not everyone will do so.

Finally, I have 3 or 4 empty card slots left.  I'm taking thoughts, these can be either new dungeon themes, new event cards, or objectives that do not require graphics.  I could potentially run some duplicate cards as well, so if you think I need multiples of any events or such, let me know.

Please read over the cards and such, and let me know if you see anything that needs changed.  I will note these cards are a bit different than the cards shown in the other thread (I revised a bunch of the treasures to limit armor buildup, it was possible to get four items that all gave ARM bonuses and it was ridiculous)

Thanks for all the help so far, and hopefully you guys enjoy the final game!