Friday, February 22, 2013

Paint Sample Egyptian Eldar

Knocked out 5 Apophis Warriors to completion and 1 Bastet.  I've got 3 bastets that need finished, waiting on the other box and some other heads for leader models and other characters.  These aren't award winning paint jobs, just quick and easy but still table ready. 

Here is one of each though.

 photo BastetandApophis.png

I've got fancy bases for them to go on, they'll get rebased when I am ready.  I'll take bigger unit pictures when I have the units completed.  I'll have 3 squads and one heavy weapons team out of the 2 Kabalite warrior boxes.  I have 3 Jet Bikes, 1 Falcon (that needs a lot of work to recover, it's missing a couple pieces and very heavily and poorly painted), 1 War Walker (missing it's gun stations though).  I need to pick up 2 more old war walkers and a dreadnought and perhaps one other tank.  I'd also like to get some aspect warriors, preferably Striking Scorpions and Warp Spiders.  As I am not that concerned with 40k rules, I am not worried about this army being legit.  If anyone has any of these that they'd like to part with drop me a line, to be fair not looking to drop a ton on them, and if they are metal and badly painted that doesn't bother me, as stripping metal is generally not too bad. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Egyptian Eldar

So I bought some Sci-Fi Egyptian Helmets from Puppet's War with no actual use for them.  I pondered this for a while and decided Eldar would be a good fit, but the normal Guardians didn't work as the backpacks fit up against the heads too snug and I wasn't a huge fan of the look.  So I ordered up some Dark Eldar Kabalite warriors with the intent of subbing them as Guardians.  Heads fit pretty well with the Anubis heads not fitting and the Bast heads only fitting sometimes.  Now I don't play 40k, but will likely be using these with Gruntz in 28mm.  Howver I still may have a small but feasible 40k force when I am all done. 

Here are a few pics showing the assembled figures.  I apologize for the quality as they were shot with my cruddy cell phone. 

Apophis Warriors
 photo IMG_20130221_051539.jpg

Bastet Warriors
 photo IMG_20130221_051618.jpg

Jet Bikes
 photo IMG_20130221_051602.jpg

Looking to gather a few old War Walkers and Dreadnoughts and maybe another tank of some sort and I'll be good to go. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gundam Strategic Operations - Preview Release

I've been working out some rules for running 1/400 Gundam games as I was never satisfied with what was released for them and most other mecha games in this size presume slow clobbering mechs.

This rules set is designed to represent fast brutal mecha that have overpowered guns and a short life expectancy. 

Warrior is About to Die! Complete

So I realized I somehow never uploaded the complete version of Warrior is About to Die!  This is a super easy dungeon crawl written to play at conventions. Included are the basic game rules and the character sheets.  There aren't any rules for how to set up the game though, you'll have to figure it out on your own, I just built a really big dungeon and put spawn points intermittently throughout it.

Warrior is About to Die!

So please feel free to download and share this with your friends.  Please feel free to alter the rules if you need.  Just let me see what you did :D

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dungeon Terrain - Mushrooms, Dwarves and More!

Been spending some time with some Dungeon Terrain lately.  Rather than boring you with tons of pointless details, here are the pics that are the real reason you come to my blog.

Dwarven Terrain Features (Skematic Pyramid Mold from Hirst Arts)

 photo IMG_1134.jpg

 photo IMG_1133.jpg

 photo IMG_1136.jpg

Giant Mushrooms, Crystals and Angry Fire Temple Faces (Custom work)

 photo IMG_1137.jpg

 photo IMG_1138.jpg

I may be selling casts of the custom stuff in the future, but I have been having problems with the mushroom with the spikes.  I may have worked out a simple solution by removing them all together and the attaching toothpick points instead, they are a bit thinned, however they won't break off so easily. 

Chibi Crawl Update 02/04/13

I know it has been a bit since I have done a big update, but I have been very hard at work.  And now you can see the fruits of said work.  Included in the link below is 22 Heroes, 7 sets of monsters, and a whole pile of event and objective cards.  I should note, to print these will be rather extensive at this point. At this point I am pretty comfortable with most of the game mechanics, though some minor tinkering s to be expected.  The rules still need a lot of work to be friendly, but there isn't a lot to it so you shouldn't have a hard time figuring it out. 

Please if you can read, review, maybe even test if you are able.

I am also looking for someone who is very good with Vassal to make a module. I will give you high res everything so that the module will be as high quality as possible. I tried taking a look at it, but had no idea where to even begin.