Sunday, June 16, 2013

Legend of the Sacred Sword Test Game

I almost forgot pictures.  But I did nab a couple towards the end of the second game.  Remember, early test game, hence the use of the Super Dungeon Explore figures and the really poorly drawn game tiles (I did them myself, and I'm not a very good artist)

In this picture the heroes are dispatching the final monster on the cross tile towards the top.  Due to the way the previous turn ended the monsters went first and were rather unsuccessful at attacking the Cabbit Warrior (represented by Angry Bear).  The positioning by the heroes was pretty clever as The Elven Lancer was able to attack with her long spear past the Cabbit Warrior, while the Sprite Mage was flinging spells from behind.  
Combat works very easily.  Each player cards has the stats along the left side, while weapon and armor cards have the stats on the right, which allows them to tuck under.  You roll as many dice as your weapon permits and compare the results to your characters stats.  Each success is a hit.  The enemy then rolls his Armor dice compared to his Defense stat to see how many blocks.  Remaining hits are carried over as damage.  Easy peasy.  

In this shot, the tokens near the center of the cave are actually rough terrain that was also effected by a Trap card drawn on a previous search.  Each tile has rough terrain spaces, and when heroes search for treasure they'll occasionally find terrain altering cards, in this case they found Poison Thorns which causes the next tiles rough spaces to also be filled with Poison Thorns.  In an earlier quest they had the unlikely instance of finding two different cards making the terrain cause both entanglement and sleep at the same time . . .
Angry Bear had just discovered this tile, which is why he is standing at the front, when a tile has no remaining enemies heroes are permitted to search for treasure and explore the exits to attempt to find the next location.  It's important to Explore and try and find the next tile quickly, if the heroes fail to do so within 2 full turns of the last enemy to be on the tile, all the enemies respawn.  This prevents heroes from camping and healing up too long and keeps gameplay moving at a good pace.  
2 Turns is also the magic number all status effects and such are always for a length of 2 turns unless healed before that.  The tokens that will be included are double sided Color/Gray, at the end of a turn where you have a status effect you flip it from color to gray, then all gray tokens are removed the following turn, it makes it super easy to remember how long an effect has been present.  

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.  I'll try to do a more details game turn later on.