Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sneak Peak at a far future project

So with Chibi Crawl being almost entirely out the door, I'm looking at my project list trying to decide what I want to work on next.  My wife has been really pushing me to just work on something that makes me happy and not to worry too much about the money or anything else.

So I've begun my next project.  I am not yet ready to divulge much on it yet, largely as there is simply so much work to do.  I have hired an artist though, and will be looking for one to two more.  If you are an artist, especially one who likes fantasy anime and is willing to illustrate items, treasures, map tiles and perhaps some characters or monsters, please send me an email with some sample illustrations to thefacelessking at (forgive the simple spam filter)  For me art is such an integral portion of any game world that is imperative for me to get it right up front.  Also it will be one of the components I struggle the most with financially so I need to break everything down into waves, so I can pay a little at a time.

But what I have to show you are prototyped tiles.  I illustrated these myself, so they are not the highest quality.  I intend to replace them all with professionally illustrated tiles in the future (which I'll also want an artist for, see the art is gonna kill me)

 photo 6855b74c-d388-4a25-86a7-4b90f1b5dc41.jpg

 photo 5de8d527-b937-417a-9322-71d781cd642f.jpg

 photo c022c2ae-402f-4e8c-b5b7-2f960502d41b.jpg

 photo 87b52708-b0aa-4fa4-a9bd-91f8b1046160.jpg

Stay tuned I'll probably leak some real art in the future.  I am looking to try and start Beta testing late this summer, perhaps early fall, and presuming no major hiccups I'd like to have the game finished by Q2 2014.  I'll be hand building prototypes and mailing them to qualified groups.

If you are interested in working with me in any of the capacities above, please contact me.
(thefacelessking at Subject: LoSS - Artist/Tester

Friday, March 8, 2013

Chibi Hydra of Cuteness . . er . . DOOOM!

So I finally got off my butt and painted my Chibi Hydra from Impact Miniatures.  I used purple as a unifying color to try and tie her all together, all the shading has a purple tone and the belly and neck scales are all purple, as are the eyes.  It is a very nice figure and I am overall very pleased with it, despite my mass of issues getting her together, those were largely my fault it seems.

 photo IMG_1164_zps3b2abb66.jpg

 photo IMG_1165_zps0f2e2a04.jpg

 photo IMG_1166_zps9c7e102f.jpg

 photo IMG_1167_zps95a94259.jpg