Thursday, February 21, 2013

Egyptian Eldar

So I bought some Sci-Fi Egyptian Helmets from Puppet's War with no actual use for them.  I pondered this for a while and decided Eldar would be a good fit, but the normal Guardians didn't work as the backpacks fit up against the heads too snug and I wasn't a huge fan of the look.  So I ordered up some Dark Eldar Kabalite warriors with the intent of subbing them as Guardians.  Heads fit pretty well with the Anubis heads not fitting and the Bast heads only fitting sometimes.  Now I don't play 40k, but will likely be using these with Gruntz in 28mm.  Howver I still may have a small but feasible 40k force when I am all done. 

Here are a few pics showing the assembled figures.  I apologize for the quality as they were shot with my cruddy cell phone. 

Apophis Warriors
 photo IMG_20130221_051539.jpg

Bastet Warriors
 photo IMG_20130221_051618.jpg

Jet Bikes
 photo IMG_20130221_051602.jpg

Looking to gather a few old War Walkers and Dreadnoughts and maybe another tank of some sort and I'll be good to go. 

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