Friday, August 10, 2012

Freebie Coop Dungeon Crawl

So, been searching around trying to find a game that suits my ideals for a dungeon crawl.  Like normal, I can't find anything.  Which makes me sad.  So I took some concepts from a few other games and started piecing something together.

Essentially the game plays similarly to the D&D Board Games by default (though I am working on options to utilize with a normal map style game)  With players moving along tiles, then revealing tiles when they have reach the edge of where they are.  When a new tile is revealed it will be marked as either a normal or difficult tile, with some being even more challenging.  A normal tile has you reveal one card from the Encounter deck which will generally be a monster, but some environmental effects are in there as well.

The mechanics are fairly simple, using a d10 engine all you need to do is roll the number of dice listed and try to get the result of your skill.  Monsters are always treated as having a skill of 7 (Minibosses are 6, Bosses 5)  Characters will be variable as it allows some basic granulation and controls what kinds of equipment they can use, sure you can give your warrior a wand of lightning, but he may need 8's to use it where as the wizard will only need 5's.

When you have killed a monster or completed an encounter, you can rotate the Encounter card and gain the treasure it carries. The quality of a treasure will be based on the monsters level, which is basically a quick look at a monsters overall strength.  

Sample Gnoll Warrior (Reaper Miniatures)

Dungeons will have a few specialty tiles shuffled in, one will be the miniboss tile and one will be the boss tile.  These tiles will help control the overall length of the game. 

My hope is to be able to stat out the entire line of Reapers Bones list as well as any other dungeon crawl style games. 

Sorry for the mildly rambly post, just dumping the rough idea, hopefully fairly soon I can provide a more detailed look or even demo set of rules.


  1. Would like to see this contact me if need help

  2. I've been going over this for my Chibi minis pretty heavily. I'll do an updated post though as mechanically it won't be too different, but I did simplify things a bit and stripped the d10 down to a d6. The alteration to the odds makes very little difference.