Saturday, July 14, 2012

Super Dungeon Explore Quests!

I've been playing with altering some of the mechanics in SDE to allow for campaign play.  One thing I wanted was to limit the amoutn of stuff you'd need, currently I've got it limited to a few PDF's with one being cards that would need printed to Cardstock, thankfully that is only four pages, so pretty minimal.

Anyways the intent is to remove spawning, remove the Adventure tracker Board and give players set objectives to accomplish on a preset quest, using preset boards and preset monsters.  This allows thematic game-play with a specific plot.  One issue with this I found was monsters are simply too squishy, which is great with an unlimited supply, but when there are a set number, it becomes a problem, so I came up with an alternative, Spawn Points provide monsters with bonuses on their tile.  So a Kobold Warren provides a 1 blue die bonus to armor for example, this provides a bit more staying power for them.

Now, you'll note, no Loot-O-Meter, how do heroes get tougher, well, they buy Loot Cards, with gold, and they get gold by completing adventures and finding treasure cards.  Relic cards may also be purchased but are really expensive, generally you will find Relic cards, and usually they will be predetermined as then they can be balanced for. 

Anyways, so I've rambled a bit and left a lot of questions, but once I have play-tested a few times I'll release a full preview of the rules.  I would like a few volunteers to help create some page borders fr the rules book and the quest book.  As well as one or two guys to help write the campaign, I'd ultimately like to see 2 campaigns using the basic book, or a split campaign with multiple paths that converge and split allowing some replay.  I have outlines for the first 2 levels with 3 stages each, but no more, I'd like at least 4 levels using the core game. 

Anyways, a little preview for those who are curious.

A Sample Quest (some of the mistakes have already been fixed here)
Sample Quest

A selection of the Treasure Deck
Treasure Deck Samples

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