Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Resin Rabites

So I finally manned up and bought casting supplies and started to make resin copies of my rabite figure.

It has been going fairly well, learned a lot so far, I'll have to make another mold in the future, however this one is working alright now that I've made some modification.  Here are some of the copies, all of them have some minor imperfection, their is a spot on the tail that is prone to getting a bubble.  I little liquid green stuff should fill it in nicely though. Some of my first casts had bad ears, I had to modify the mold to fix that.  I am going to attempt to reconstruct the ears on those myself. 


Now, I am certain I will have at least a few folks asking for these, if you want some cast for you, I can do that, I cannot however guarantee they will be free from defect, see the above about the tail.  This will likely be all that is wrong with them.  I am leaning towards $4 per figure (normally I'd say $5 but the tails bother me) 

1 comment:

  1. $4 per Rabite eh? Definitively take you up on that offer. I'll PM you on the SPM site.