Friday, July 27, 2012

Simple Trees

So I have seen a number of simple tree designs in the past, some aren't too bad, some are insane, some look like crap, some aren't too shabby.  However, I recall seeing a post once upon a time on the Heroscapers forums about some trees a gent made using something called Naturally Wired, it is wire wrapped with a sort of plant material, it is a shade of brown with natural variation. So I looked it up and managed to snag a 40' roll from JoAnn fabrics for $8.  I then grabbed a few different sorts of plastic plants to experiment with, one is bamboo leaves, the other is Amazonian Phyllo, the latter I prefer, but they both work, you could use a number of other leaf types.

The construction process is pretty simple (though I didn't photograph it, but you'll be able to figure out) cut between 4 and 6 wires around an equal length.  Bend about an inch of it with a pair of needle noses and keep a hold, then start twisting it all together in whatever pattern you'd like, it doesn't have to be perfect.  Make some branches up top by leaving some without merging and some in smaller groups.  Now grab your plant and start pulling the leaves off, leave a bit of stem behind as it will make it easier.  Grab your hot glue gun and go to town, try and make them pretty.  Now, I will admit, I could have gone a step farther and painted my hot glue gun blobs to hide them, but I don't really care as you'll likely never notice.

You can turn out a good quantity of these pretty easily and quickly and they are quite cheap if you do enough.




Till next time campers :D

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