Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chibi Crawl Update

I'm actually really late on this update, so my apologies, I've had it ready for a while and my test games have gone well so far.
You may want to print the cards at say 95% I've had issues getting them to fit into certain brands of card sleeves (specifically the Ultra-Pro sleeves I bought specifically for this game)

Also, this file covers the Super Dungeon Explore base set.  This set is not really of any importance, I just like converting all my figures to one rules set if I can.  The figures are not meant to be perfect translations, some, such as the Paladin, have been redesigned a bit to be more characteristic of what I would have expected from them.
As I said, this set is just for fun, so there is more likely to be balance issues as I spend much less time tinkering with it.  I literally hammered these all out in one evening. 

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