Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1/400 Scale Gundam Rules

So I've had piles of these little Gundam figures floating around for a long while.  I have tried to use a few rules sets with them and not found anything I appreciated.  So as a quick concept set, I worked out these rules.  They allow for a pretty flexible game, units moving too and fro into and out of cover.  Figures do not have to activated in any order and nothing will stop you from abusing your primary figures over and over (save their slow demise as they drain out of power)  The rules are rather rough being written in a single pass.  Also what stat cards are done are very erratic, so proxy or write your own cards up.  My only concern to date is that the DV's values may currently be too low causing the game to be too slow. 

Give them a whirl and let me know.
Gundam Strategic Operations


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