Friday, July 12, 2013

My Journey to Mars

So despite years of hemming and hawing I began my trip to Mars the other night.  I ordered a few figures from Tin Man and a few from Bronze Age.  Along with these I got the Savage Worlds Mars books and the Savage Showdown rules as well.  Also I ordered a cool poster map of Mars that has the Modern, Victorian and Barsoom features integrated together.  It has a lot of unnamed cities and such that make it easy to work for gaming.
While I waited for shipping I started working on terrain, I haven't gotten too far yet and don't have pictures yet, hopefully they'll be there soon.   My figures from Tin Man along with my poster map arrived in a few days.

Here is the map I purchased from Mythic Images, it's a great map, a little smallish, but nice quality.

Map of Barsoom photo ozmarsmap16.jpg

And here is the first finished figure from Tin Man Miniatures, the incomparable Dejah Thoris.  This figure is from the Tin Man line, I believe it is supposed to represent Thuvia, but I preferred her for Dejah as the other figures breasts look like Watermelons, and not in a fun way, but as in they glued watermelons too her.

 photo DejahThoris3.jpg

 photo DejahThorisRear3.jpg

I feel liker her face could use a little work, but I'm very happy with her skin tones as she's not red, but she's far from a standard flesh tone as well. 

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