Monday, May 27, 2013


So let's face it, I am pretty terrible blogger, I get wrapped up in things and forget to update the blog.  So here is the state of my gaming world.

Legend of the Sacred Sword is going along at an OK pace.  I'd like to be faster, but I am waiting for outside resources, so that can't happen. 

Chibi Crawl is simply awaiting Tom's health to improve so we can have some beta sets printed and shipped out for people to test.

The Asian Chibi Crawl is currently taking a break as I was beating my head off a wall on it.

Combat Armor Mecha Miniatures is something new.  Due to more odd and lucky circumstances than are supposed to happen in quick order I will be kickstarting a small line of mecha miniatures hopefully next month once I get some art in.  These figures will be anime styled and 1/285th scale (Between 35-45mm tall) and multipart, all the joints will use the exact same sized ball and socket joins, meaning parts can be swapped between models.  Mechs will come as a torso, legs, right arm, left arm, head, and shoulder mounted accessories.  I am currently having art developed just for this project and awaiting the arrival, I am also waiting to hear back from one sculptor, though I have contacted 2 others who are interested in the work.  Presuming I get the line art back in decent order, I am going to estimate launching in about a month, possibly less. 

So there is the world of my gaming stuff.  Hopefully I'll get some previews of Combat Armor in the near future to get some hype built up. 

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